Saturday, March 17, 2007

blue skies

It's been brought to my attention that I shoot a lot of sky »


Anali said...

Those are incredible! I especially love the ones that you must have taken on a plane, although they look like they are from space. Are you a part-time astronaut? : )

Seriously, when is the coffee table book coming out? Those are wonderful.

Also, the contrast with the red is amazing - the hot air balloon photo and the red brick building. I love those. I can see those two pictures side by side in a very cool red frame.

suttonhoo said...

thanks, Anali. :D great idea about pairing those two with the splashes of red. curiously, although my walls at home are covered with art, I only just recently framed one of my photographs for myself -- and that was brought on by a friend's request to have a print for himself. it made me ridiculously happy to have it framed for him -- and to have one done for myself, too. now I'm planning on doing a few more. ;)

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