Friday, March 30, 2007

an open letter to David Plouffe, Campaign Manager, Obama for America

Finally got fed up and sent the good folks at Obama for America an email:

Hi David:
I'm an online marketing specialist[1] and a Barack Obama supporter, and I'm concerned that you're making a misstep in the way you've chosen to use email in the early days of this campaign.

Too much fund raising; too little substance.

You're going to lose your audience in a hurry as they tune out to your appeals for more money.

Your base needs to hear about the issues that matter -- updates on what Obama's doing, where he's been, who he's talking to -- and include tips on how they can help spread Obama's message -- and the money will follow. Please trust me on this. (A "donate now" button is fine at the tail end of the message -- but the messages need more substance and emotional appeal than the ones you've been mailing.)

Jakob Nielsen did a great job of summing up how Bush outperformed Kerry in the email space in the 2004 election -- here's a snippet:
As this analysis shows, Kerry supporters were bombarded by repeated fundraising requests, to the extent that many of them probably tuned out the newsletter in the final critical days. Although the Internet is great for collecting money from the masses, there is a limit. Kerry exceeded it. ... In summary, Kerry used his newsletter to collect money during the final week. Bush used his to increase voter turnout, and he won because he was better at turning out his base. Understanding the strength of email newsletters thus directly contributed to Bush's victory, so his Internet team can claim some credit for the outcome.

here's a link to his analysis:

and here's another piece that Nielson did that you might find useful:

Please don't make the same mistakes that Kerry did -- use email to mobilize your base, not turn them off -- we've gotta bring this one home.

thanks for your time. let's put Mr. Obama in the White House.

[1] I didn't footnote this in the actual letter, but in the interest of full disclosure, online marketing is only one of the things I do. but it was the most relevant to the conversation, doncha think?


MGL said...

And you actually mailed one of the few campaigns that might listen to your advice. Good work.

anniemcq said...

So my question is this: When are they going to hire you to run his email campaign? They couldn't ask for a more passionate person heading up that effort, nor one more knowledgeable.

Your comments were on the money. No pun intended.

suttonhoo said...

thanks, guys -- we'll see -- I rec'd a canned "we're receiving too many emails to get back to them all" auto-mailer reply. to be expected, I guess.

Anali said...

Very interesting and good for you for speaking up! I'm surprised that he is not using the more grass roots approach that worked for Deval Patrick. I received emails almost daily with information about the campaign and how I could help. The website was extremely user friendly and was a great way to involve people. Once people are so involved, they want to donate money whenever they can.

It looks like this could be the beginning of a career move for you!

suttonhoo said...

so agree, Anali -- fundraising follows when folks find someone and something they can believe in. re the career move: no moving for me. ;) I just want to get this guy elected.

Lasse said...

Well done!

Dorothy Eckes said...

So happy to find this, feeling validated. I have started a group willing to solidify our awareness of Obama's philosophies and intentions. seems so much more needed than fundraisers without info. So much more potential than volleyball games together wearing Obama t-shirts. What suggestions do you have for me?
DHE Phila

suttonhoo said...

hi Dorothy -- that's a big wide-open question -- do you guys have a web presence? please provide a link and I'll take a look -- thanks!

update on Mr. Plouffe's response: Nada. and one email update on how much frikkin' money they've raised.


Alison said...

I just got a substance email from Mr. Plouffe, maybe he didn't respond to you but looks like he read it...good job.

jill said...

I wish David Plouffe would respond to my emails! I am totally for Obama for president and I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a message through to Senator Obama. I want to tell him to make his campaign slogan "WORLD PEACE BEFORE 2021." I feel that everyone wants world peace, but by when? In 100 years? In 500 years? We need a goal with a timeline. I can't get anything but an 'auto-response.' If anyone out there can get through, please suggest this campaign slogan. I think Obama already has a chance of winning the election. But if he adopts "World Peace Before 2021" as his campaign slogan, he'll win BY A LANDSLIDE. If anyone out there wants a FREE BUMPER STICKER that says 'WORLD PEACE BEFORE 2021.. OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT' just email me and I'll mail one to you free. While you're at it, check out my FREE webpage and check out the free song 'WORLD PEACE BEFORE 2021' which is available on the webpage for free. May there by peace on Earth. JILL

Anonymous said...

I completed the volunteer form on Obama's website a few day ago and the only response I received was a form letter from Plouffe asking me to donate money so that volunteers can stage a march. They didn't even respond to my "offer' to volunteer. I run a very successful healthcare consulting business and my time is very valuable. I wonder if another candidate would appreciate my offer!!!!!

gridley419 said...

It seems that no one in the Obama campaign answers e-mails. I have written several messages. I have asked for his stance on two particular issues, I can only gues that he does not believe in those two issues, so is refusing to comment on them.

Rene said...

The statements that you made are very true as I know it almost turned me completely off! First of all, everybody is not able to contribute financially. But that does not mean that they do not have something to offer. I have worked in local campaigns since the age of thirteen or fourteen years of age, and at age 51, I would like to think that I have learned something in all of those years. I will say this; my father was the campaign manager for these canidates and they all won. That's a statictic within itself.

Anyway, my son is a R&B artist and my daughter is a rapper (a clean one by the way), and they went into the studio and came up with a song in support of Obama, (can be seen on YouTube under "Representin Obama"). This was not free and it was not cheap. So, as far as I was concerned, we made our donation. We also signed up to do whatever they needed help with here at the Montgomery, Alabama headquarters almost a month ago. To date, we have only heard from them once. There seems to be no activity going on from this headquarters. I have tried to email the main headquarters myself to find out what's going on, or just to simply give a few words of advice, and all I get is more letters to "DONATE". This will discourage anyone. Whether or not they appreciate the advice you gave, I'm still glad that you brought it to the forefront. God Bless

leonaserenity said...

Hello Mr. Plouffe's

I know you are busy. I do not know if this will get read. I have no need for you to response but to tell you something to consider.

1. If some lie to you about anything, can you afford to put them in a seat of Trust.

2. We are at a position of Change, not to continue the past. And if there is no experience as president, we are all Equal in experience.

3. Education is important and must be changed. Programs are needed to self develop our citzens to become self sustaining. Our children to develop to full potential.

4. Our Ecomony needs a jump start but also a plan to create more business within America so that we can produce quality products for our citzens. And a fair tade agreement to ensure we do not depend on others.

I will be the change to show the World, we are a United States. WE The People are the Power. Because I will listen to the People.

I hope you get this. I pray you do. These words will say what what is to the heart of the people.

Ilco said...

Dear friends, Did Mr. Plouffe come back to one of you? Can you fwd this text to him or give me his adress? I developed the biggest youth events/campaigning in Europe and also an international dance project against AIDS (called Dance4Life, zie .com). I could support the campaing with my experience. To all of you: keep up the good work.
kind regards, (

suttonhoo said...

I'm afraid we haven't heard from Mr. Plouffe, Ilco. best of luck to you in your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

I do not know how much are you (the author of the letter) Obama supporter. You could be anybody's supporter, right? Why should you be given credibilty? And as a high tech specialist how much are you competen competent to judge on something you know about as much as iguanas know on civil rights movement... Just stay quiet. Please and leave David alone. He is doing a great job!!! And remember, we are many, not only in America, all over the world, remember: not HE/OBAMA, WE/OBAMA WILL WIN!!!!!!

suttonhoo said...

Dear Anonymous:
Sweetie, free expression and critical debate are what America's all about. I don't think my gentle needling of Mr. Plouffe re his email marketing practices is going to derail the Obama campaign -- I offered it here because I want to see them succeed.

You, me and the iguanas can compare resumes if you like, but that has little to do with what this thread is really all about. ;)

take care -- and please know that I, like you, hope this goes well for all of us.

Yonathan said...

You are completely right. I am also a big support of the campaign; I love the way they handle every thing else except emails. The emails are worded like a sells pitch. I don’t even open them no more; I treat it like junk mail. Their mails are as interesting as late night infomercials. I really hope they listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Plouffe should suggest to Mr. Obama that all he has to do tonight at the final debate is to ask Hillary is it a fact that she lent her campaign $5 million. And when the answer is 'yes' quietly point out that she spent around $30 million to win her Senate seat in New York State running almost unopposed. Which showed a complete lack of judgment. "All show and now no dough". Put that together with her other lack of judgments - Iraq, Iran and not being able to allow that 'someone' 20 points behind in the early polls could not only come close but be in front in both the number of voters and also the electoral votes also showed pure judgment and worse yet - horrible anticipation. We already had 7 years of that ego-driven thought process. I believe the American public does not want to have more of the same.

michael said...

I hope the public will not confuse one Anonymous with the other one talking about emails - and their moral and financial value - as opposed to put the final nail in Hillary's campaign. 50% of all Americans don't like her. That she really cannot show anything accomplished over her 35 - 37 years is a fact. One authored no-brainer pediatric Bill. That's it. And mentally could not conceive that 'anyone' could match and pass her. She is a nice well-meant person, but not a President and especially not what this country wants and needs NOW.

michael cole said...

instead of Barack talking about the tax breaks for the middle class while explaining that the higher tax bracket doesn't need it and then mentioning a hard number, he should simply say that "I will work to reduce the taxes for 95% of all taxpayers:. That takes all the tax and spend nonsense of the Republicans and puts in on the shelf. He can add, that "If the tax package had been correct IN THE FIRST PLACE - we would not now need a stimulus package.

Michael cole said...

How many military people wrote tp McCain and with all his vast military contacts - to complain about Walter Reed Hospital?

When you disagree with the Military Manual about your allowed conduct in war, then how do you say you can give ethical authority for any action? Bush signed a Bill and then laughed at McCain and the Constitution and McCain did absolutely nothing and he knew what was happening.

Monte said...

As an Obama supporter, I made several attempts to contact Mr. Plouffe to offer some helpful he seem to be very busy, I suggest he have an assistant filter his e-mail, then pass on the important stuff.

I hope someone who has a direct contact with Mr. Plouffe; make him aware that his non-response (to e-mails) could hurt and not help!

Anonymous said...

I have been involved with other campaigns in communications;and wondering who and the hell is running that department? and were are the open lines of communication on the internet for supporters,they seem to be insulated.That being said,I think the best move now because of the rev.wright damage he caused on 04/28/2008,he should make an early announcement of his V.P. chose. He should ask Senater Russel Goldfine to be his chose as Vice President to offset the anti-semitic propaganda,and humas support. This is the best move to make at this time! R.Milner

Anonymous said...

I don't think Senator Obama wants anyone to know what his policies entail. It would appear that he is enmeshed with the North American Union which believes in totally free and open borders and is only interested in obtaining more power for that group.

carl48 said...

xbfnswsmoking gun bill clinton killed the electric car EV1 made by gm in 1992 andin cal. still running strong. why DUBAI Hillary scares the hell out of me and she will use anyone to protect herself even as far as creating the next holocost. pass the buck YEPT !! She is a true republican at heart.

Anonymous said...

This is the same empty response you sent to my thousands of other forum
members and myself in your fervent support for illegal alien law breakers
over the rights of hardworking and law abiding citizens where you refuse to
answer our questions but are evasive, elusive and dance around the issue.
Once again this shows Obama does not have the interests of Americans in mind
as he continues to pander and sellout this country to those illegally here
for cheap labor and illegal votes. He does not say how he will contain the
costs of health care, education and other social programs while he will
leave the border wide open allowing a never ending flood of impoverished
humanity into this country further burdening our already overburdened and
limited resources as healthcare, food, fuel and land to name a few. He never
says why he thinks it is pefectly permissible to reward those who violated
our immigration laws by allowing them to remain in this country, work and
receive government benefits which amounts to amnesty, when they violated our
laws, sovereignty, borders and stole our identities by buying and using
stolen ssn's and identity documents violating the very precepts of what
citizenship embodies and will send a signal to the rest of the world if they
can evade/elude our woefully undermanned, underesourced and over worked
border patrol they too will be given amnesty, legalization and citizenship.
The American people have heard this same song and dance numerous times since
the 1986 IRCA when fellow sellouts like Kennedy and McCain promised there
will be a one time amnesty, secure borders and enforcement of the laws yet
our borders still are NOT secure even after 9-11 and the population of
illegal aliens has more than tripled with thousands more illegally entering
the country every week. You don't reward those who committed felonies by
identity theft which cheapens the meaning of citizenship for which much has
been sacrificed by veterans as myself which shows these candidates have no
respect for this country, those who fought and died for it and what it
represents which is THE RULE OF LAW. Illegal aliens used stolen identities
to illegally enter this country, work and obtain benefits (many through
fraud as I have numerous articles of this) so how would Obama, during a
supposed war on terror acertain the veracity of their identities when
legalized? By stopping immigration raids as Obama proposes how would he
clamp down on identity theft by illegal aliens as these raids are one of the
few existing tools that ICE has at it's disposal to try to stem the
skyrocketing rate of id theft by illegal aliens as the 130 found at a meat
packing plant down the road from my residence and the 558 illegal aliens out
of 600 employees at a Spherios UPS contractor facility working in a secure
area. He also fails to tell us why he supported S-2611 and it's later
iteration S-1348 (the illegal alien amnesty bills) which would have allowed
illegal aliens to receive social security and other benefits using stolen
social security numbers and why he voted against an amendment by Senator
Ensign during the manager's rules debate which would not have allowed
illegal aliens to receive social security and other benefits and would have
labeled their use a felony for which citizens in my area are currently in
prison and are separated from their families. These actions and his promise
to stop immigration raids shows he has absolutely no concern for the
security and well being of the American people by condoning and rewarding
identity theft by illegal aliens (look at the congressional record if you doubt my assertions) showing he has more
compassion for those illegally in this country who subsequently give birth
at taxpayer expense while illegally here then he has for innocent Americans
victimized by identity theft from illegal aliens as the one who lost her
house, one denied social security when he retired, another denied medicaid,
a man denied unemployment when he lost his job to outsourcing and a lady
denied social security when her husband passed away now forced to beg from
Obama never explains why he supports sanctuary cities which shield illegal
aliens who violated our laws by their illegal presence in this country then
commit untold crimes against Americans as a senior citizen in San Francisco,
the murder of three innocent wonderful Black kids by an illegal alien in
Newark with a previous conviction of child rape, the murder of a young Black
Girl, an elderly Black Man and Jamiel Shaw in L.A. by illegal alien gangs
engaged in ethnic cleansing of Black Neighborhoods.
Virtual border security is an abject failure as border patrol agents
constantly tell us about sensors, cameras and other equipment out of service
for months at a time and the constant apprehension of illegal aliens miles
north of sections of the virtual border fence. Agents have told us a double
layer border fence with a no mans land vehicle strip and vehicle barriers is
a deterrent and is much more effective than a virtual fence (force
multipler). Why would Obama vote against appropriations for this as he has
done fr every border security bill which shows he has no interest in securing our borders?
Why does Obama think it is right for taxpayers who are losing their homes,
jobs, pensions and health care to subsidize the never ending flood of
illegal immigration into this country who are receiving chemotherapy,
dialysis, liver transplants and other long term treatment at taxpayer
expense while citizens in my area with the same afflictions wonder how they
will pay for theirs. Veterans are living out of their cars for lack of
treatment and disability payments resulting from a vastly underfunded and
under resourced VA. Americans are increasingly filing for bankruptcy when
faced with major medical events and a 9-11 rescuer who developed kidney
disease was denied a transplant as he already amassed 250 thousand dollars
in medical expenses and couldn't afford a kidney transplant while an illegal
alien received a liver transplant via medicare and senior citizens and other
beneficiaries experienced benefits cuts. How much of the proposed housing asistance measure will go to illegal aliens who fraudulently applied for subprime loans using none or fraudulent documentation which is a major contributing factor in the current housing and credit crunch? We have many in the real estate and banking industries who have corroborated these assertions. Overburdened taxpayers already are paying for illegal alien health care, education and other programs so will we also be expected to pay for their mortgages too? What about the farm bill which we know is laden with pork including low income energy, housing assistance and food stamps for illegal aliens while Americans continue to do without?
If Senator Obama is so concerned about the votes of the rural constituency as he claims he is; instead of calling us xenophobes, racists and bitter tell him to look at the facts. This NOT about racism but is of fairness and equity to the American taxpayer. Obama doesn't have to compete with illegal aliens for healthcare in our overcrowded hospitals or see our children face cuts in education and other related programs as more schools are forced to provide ESL and other programs for those illegally in this country to bring them up to our educational standards. Our children already confronted with the spiraling costs of tuition are forced to pay the higher out of state tuition when attending colleges and other higher institutions of learning in other states in 49 out of the 50 states while illegal aliens receive lower in-state subsidized tuition placing even more of a burden on taxpayers and Obama wants to make this more available for those illegally in this country through the sham of a Dream act while veterans are forced to fight for benefits they were promised but never received and military stationed in a state are forced to pay the higher non-resident tuition costs. Obama doesn't have to deal with the scourge of illegal alien gangs as the notorious and well financed MS-13 and 18th Avenue street gangs working in concert with the Mexican mafia and other drug cartels who are terrorizing our communities with their involvement in drugs, gun running, auto and burglary theft rings in cities as Houston and LA along with gang initiations involving the rape of women, identity theft, and murder of cops. We are tired of seeing canned responses from Obama while crime continues to spiral out of control as more illegal alien criminals flood into this country including the estimated 100 sex offenders who border patrol tells us enters this country every day along with the hundreds of uninspected Mexican trucks that border patrol also tells are NOT inspected at the land border crossings, along with criminal illegal aliens with previous felonies as rape, murder and child molestation who border patrol says are able to sneak back into the country and inflict more pain and suffering on the American people. We are beyond angry and livid and DEMAND answers to every point I have brought up in here; again not the usual canned response telling us to look at his website which deals in generalities which also seems to be the focus of his campaign speeches; i.e. style, rhetoric and flash but absolutely NO substance. I and my other forum members are educating the American people through our numerous media contacts about Obama's true agenda regarding his support for social security to illegal aliens engaged in identity theft, his tolerance of other crimes committed by illegal aliens (45,000 Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens since 2001), along with the drain on our social programs and our open borders which he has NO intentions of securing which eventually will destroy this country, as a country with no borders cannot exist as a sovereign entity.
As long as sellout politicians as Obama, Clinton and McCain continue to
place the interests of illegal aliens before the American people we will use
our forum to educate the media and the American people on the above facts
and these candidate's true agenda which unfortunately is for cheap labor,
illegal alien votes and NOT for the American people.

From an extremely disgusted retired military member, combat disabled with 24 years of service who has to pay for my health care including a pancreatic condition while an illegal alien received a taxpayer subsidized liver transplant through medicare and still is receiving treatment

Lou Schechter said...

Now that McCain chose a running mate such as he has, Obama's campaign should use it to their advantage and get the people thinking. McCain talks so much about security and protecting the people, what would happen if something happened to McCain and his VP had to run things, would the American people want her to answer the phone @ 3AM in the morning or would they be more secure if Obama's VP answered the phone if something happened to Obama. Obama's campaign should really play this up. His VP Selection is really not thinking about the good of the country when he picks a VP with the credentials
she has. Terrible choice!!

Lou Schechter

gridley419 said...

If this is really a grassroots campaign, why not come clean and have those open forums with John McCain and take questions from the public. I for one have my doubts as to any real change either candidate would bring. This campaign has been nothing more than a barrage of attacks on the opposition candidate with neither candidate addressing any real issues!

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that Barack Obama needs to take a tip from a BUZZFLASH reader, Jeff Cohen on "Hitting Back Strategically - Rovian Jujitsu. Below is the web address to the suggestions.

Julie said...

Dear David Plouffe,

Please forward this to Mr. Senator Obama.

Thank you.

Dear Mr. Senator Obama,

Hopefully this message will make it to you.

I hope you will be our country’s next president. I want to get my country back. I believe in you and know you will be a good leader. We want you to stop the Republican attach machine. They are fighting dirty and already sending out threatening letters advising voters not to register in the state they are residing, i.e. like in Virginia. McCain and the Republicans are cheating like the year Gore lost the presidency to the Republican Party.

I am a mother, a wife, and very passionate about you winning this campaign. Please, please, please try with everything in your power and the Democratic Party to win this presidency. If you have to mud sling, dig up dirt, or even cheat like the Republican Party is doing, please just win. Don’t give this campaign away like John Kerry did or let the Republicans cheat their way into the White House like the year of the Bush and Gore campaign. Please don’t make that same mistake. Fight for our country back.

You have to play their game, “dirty”, and have your guns loaded. Get out there and appeal to the younger 30-40’s generation like the year Clinton won. Please use witty-innovative but under-handed come backs to conquer McCain and the Republican Party. Majority of Americans thrive on Reality TV these days. Unfortunately the quality of the Americans minds has gone to the wayside. By using reality tactics and appearing on all the late night TV, you will be able to appeal and win over more of the younger generation. Be on every cover, and in every newspaper. In some since you are the country’s only knight and shining armor right now. We are counting on you. You have to beat McCain and the two-bit low life from Alaska. I, and so many other people want this change, desperately.

Please win back our county. I believe in you. I have donated a few dollars to your campaign and hopefully will be able to donate some more. My husband and I really want you to win this campaign, so we have helped when we can.

For the future of our county and our children to have a descent county to call home, is so many people’s dream right now. Please make is happen. You need to win at all costs!


A strong supporter.
Julie M.

Anonymous said...

September 19, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama,

I am a supporter and worker for your campaign, but I do not like that 90% of your time is spent attacking McCain and only 10% is on sharing a well-conceived plan. Everyone in the media and your supporters are asking, “Where’s the Beef?” You must use your time more wisely. McCain can be simply handled in one sentence:

“I don’t have to tell you the economy is bad and getting worse…..four more years of the same will destroy the United States we know and love.” 

Then you should launch into your 15-point plan:

* In the first sixty days, I will bring our troops home from Iraq. And, I promise you, we will NEVER go to war again without just cause and an exit strategy.

* I will insist Congress support our returning troops with local healthcare not more than 25 miles from their homes instead of 250. We will halt the 18 deaths a day from suicide due to this traumatic war.

* I will make certain Congress supports funding of research to solve genetic illnesses, AIDS and cancer.

* I will protect a woman’s right to choose and veto any legislation that invades her right to privacy.

* I will protect American jobs, closing tax loopholes that benefit the top 2%, and bring industries back into ghost towns hurt by “globalization.”

* I will make Congress put money into solar and wind, green energy sources, not oil and nuclear that destroy our environment.

* I will include more women in seats of power; you will be present at the tables that make the decisions that effect your lives under my administration.

* I will make certain we pass legislation that protects you from mortgage, credit, insurance, and consumer fraud. Those who dare to gamble with our future will find their own assets liquidated. They WILL pay the American consumer back every penny.

* I will insist Congress support our teachers with the training and financing necessary to do their jobs well.

* I will insist that we be a leader in halting global warming; our children deserve no less.

* I will make certain that the pharmaceutical industry does not hold your medications hostage via high prices.

* I will strengthen our constitution, not allowing creative legislation from the bench, and get rid of wire tapping, unreasonable search and seizure, racial profiling, and the mis-named Patriot Act.

* I will keep church and state separate, and we will honor the "melting pot" that makes the U.S. unique.

* I will insist Congress change our tax code to favor the hard working, overburdened middle class.

* I will regain the RESPECT of the international community by being a bridge builder not a “bring it on” maverick cowboy.

Do this in every city and from every pulpit….and you will win this election.

Everyone on the main Obama blog is telling you to do the same and watching your current ads is only adding to our frustration. You are getting poor advice from AKP& D and GMMB Consulting firms.

We are counting on you, Mr. Obama!
Rosannne xxxx in Tennessee

Anonymous said...

For your consideration for his talking points.... "Not just the last eight years, not just the last eight months, not just the last eight weeks,... (you get the point)... Bush's Presidential philosophy has repeatedly failed and that is what McCain wants to continue... that is why he has supported Bush 95%..."

Anonymous said...

McCain was more likeable when he was his own man. Now he seems confused and confounded who he is and what he is supposed to do. He acts to create some image that repeatedly backfires. Palin's 15 minutes of fame is flaming out - like a pig with lipstick she is just grunting irrational ideas to confuse the issues.

Sharon Parker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Re: PAKISTAN soverignty issue.
This perspective also applies to Afghanistan, and potentially other countries that may freely or under duress harbor terrorists.
The angle that needs to be taken is that the Taliban being a stateless terrorist organization, its presence in any state that does not want the Taliban on its territory, is a clear indication that the Taliban have ALREADY violated that states soverignty. That being said, the US then would only be helping a state like Pakistan to remove the cancer of terrorism from its soil.
Any action that the US takes will be privately coordinated with such state and may not always show in the public news.

Anonymous said...

Re: PRO-LIFE & Healthcare
The Republicans attempt to depict Obama as someone "mandating" healthcare reinforcing that the government should not tell anyone what to do. It follows then that, if the government will mandate pro-life platform, after the child is born the government should also pick-up the tab.
In all advanced countries (eg UK) there is "mandated" medical care paid through taxes, however there are also private hospitals and clinics for those can afford and want more expensive care.
If you are Pro-life, you have to be Pro-life whatever the age and condition of the person, or the economic bracket, or if he/she is a veteran, has a pre-existing condition, or terminal illness, or an illegal alien... also you then have to be against capital punishment.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mandated Healthcare & Pro-Life
The Pro-Life mandate precludes healthcare to be optional.

Anonymous said...

Re: Response for Russia
We have to develop good working relationships with all the countries of this world. Today Russia is trying to find a new place for itself on the world stage, and rather than looking into anyone’s eyes and creating imaginary acronyms, the United States needs to confidently move into the future based on facts. We do not need to look into anyone’s soul or read their minds, we have to obtain fact based intelligence that is not manipulated or massaged and then develop a sensible approach to work with everyone.
The Obama Administration should have a different foreign policy approach in that we should recognize that just as we are proud of our country others too are proud of their countries and while we may criticize the behavior of certain governments we should not call the countries as being evil, or bombing them into middle ages, etc.
In the case of Russia, they need help modernizing to the standards of world class democracies, but if we demonize them and revert to the cold-war tactics, we will impede our own interests to bring them over to a western style democracy. That China and Russia have accepted democracy is a step forward for the world though it may not be exactly identical to our democracy, that’s okay it is just the beginning. That communism has failed is now a fact for the history books.
Our current economic problems caused by greed show that even all our financial systems and political oversights are not perfect. So let us not judge others for their imperfections.

William said...

I can't get through either and he needs to know this URGENT info to help Obama win North Carolina...
Look what has happened in Senator Elizabeth Dole's home town and Congressman Robin Hayes back yard. Initial reference:
Salisbury Post Thursday, October 09, 2008

Washington, DC Insider VA Done Deal Quietly done in Durham, NC screws Vets using Salisbury, NC VA
VISN 6: VA Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network -- 300 West Morgan Street, Suite 1402
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 956-5541
Fax: (919) 956-7152

The below is an example of what John McCain wants to do for Veterans and how his campaign claims to support veterans for the last 20+ years by privatizing VA health care.

Newly hired medical doctors and surgeons to Salisbury VA Medical Center after they had purchased homes in the Rowan County part of North Carolina learned in late September during a VISN visit (and only then) that the jobs they had been hired to do at the Salisbury VA no longer existed. Scramble for Salisbury VA docs to find new jobs.

Vets usually seen in Salisbury VA Med Cen ER who are VA eligible with most already known... many from our area and the Charlotte area... have yet to learn that after this Friday?? they will no longer be served in Salisbury VA Med Cen ER and will have to seek help in community hospital ER's many which do not recognize VA eligiblity status, poorly equipped or staffed to take care of many psychiatric veterans with acute medical problems, and who do not accept CHAMP/VA or Tricare.

Veterans who plan to vote for Elizabeth Dole, Robin Hayes, or John McCain need to rethink this issue as well as the rest of us here in North Carolina. This has happened almost overnight to the Salisbury VA. Which VA is next? Durham? Fayetteville? Richmond?
The Raleigh/Fayetteville, NC media has been kept quiet on this sleeper.
The ER is closing and the inpatient medical unit. Also the OR inpatient surgery patients. Hefner/VAMC will only do out patient procedures and ECT.

The Hefner/VAMC will be the center” for excellence in Long term Care and Psychiatry. “ per VISN 6.
The American Federation of Govrnment Employees , AFL-CIO have written letters to their congressmen:
Dear Representative, Watts , Hayes, Burr, Dole,

I am writing to thank you for your opposition to the sudden and shocking decision to contract out or ER, OR and medical surgical units at the W.G. {Bill] Hefner VAMC.

NC’s Veterans served our country honorably. Now our country must keep its promise to provide them with the specialized care that only the VA can provide. Requiring the

Veterans who depend on the Hefner VAMC to use overcrowed community hospitals and ERs and face burdensome out-of-pocket medical co-pays is unfair and unacceptable.

Further, as details of the facilities closing decision have emerged, it is clear that the VA with the knowledge of top management at Hefner VAMC conducted a secret study

To justify their decision to diminish services. This leads me to believe the VA fully intends to expand the contracting out of health care this the Hefner VAMC, across NC. and the entire country.

This is outrageous! Quality, affordable veterans’ health care will disappear and the veterans will die.

I understand you are going to contact VA Secretary James Peak and urge him to reverse the decision to contract out acute care services at the Hefner VAMC Salisbury. I urge you to do that as

Soon as possible. Thank you for supporting NC’s Veterans.

William said...

URGENT FROM NORTH CAROLINA...Neither Obama nor his campaign knew this during the Obama's recent visits to Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem roughly a little over an hours drive -- more or less from Senator Elizabeth Dole's home town of Salisbury, NC. This is what happens with the McCain health care policy and is already happening to Veterans in the State of North Carolina if McCain wins. Is this how McCain supported Vets for more than 20+ years? Salisbury Post Thursday, October 09, 2008

William said...

Union, VA leaders spar over potential job cuts

Salisbury Post Thursday, October 09, 2008
Two national union leaders visiting Salisbury Wednesday warned that planned changes to the Hefner VA Medical Center could cost 1,000 jobs — an assertion denied by a spokeswoman for the medical center.

"It won't be like a plant closing, it'll be more like a constant whacking away," said J. David Cox, national secretary-treasurer for the American Federation of Government Employees.

He admitted the predicted loss of jobs was a "very speculative number."

Carol Waters, pubic affairs officer for the VA Medical Center, said the planned changes won't result in any job cuts.

"That's not true," Waters said when told the huge job losses that Cox predicted. "It's unfair to our veterans and our staff to upset them by saying that."

Cox spoke to AFGE members during a luncheon at the VA. Also speaking was John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO.

The pair had spoken earlier in the day to a smaller group of union workers during a round-table discussion at Salisbury's Farmhouse Restaurant.

Both Cox and Sweeney said the job cuts will be devastating to veterans served by the VA, as well as the Rowan County economy.

VA administrators announced last month that the hospital will be making a transition away from inpatient, emergency and surgical services to a long-term and mental-health facility for veterans.

The news has been received with much criticism by both veterans and VA employees.

"What's happening here is outrageous," Sweeney said. "It's an insult to the courageous veterans who have done so much for our country."

Sweeney said the AFL-CIO includes 10.5 million members, which includes members of the AFGE.

He said the shifts planned for the VA are "part of an effort to privatize everything.

"They want to do with health care what they did for the financial industry," Sweeney said. "You see where that's led us."

He said the moves at the VA will push more veterans to privatized hospitals that are already overcrowded. Sweeney said doing so would saddle veterans with out-of-pocket co-pays and force them into long lines in emergency rooms.

"We're not going to stand by silently," Sweeney said. "We're going to win this battle and we're going to win it soon."

At Wednesday's VA luncheon, union workers distributed form letters they asked members to sign and send to congressmen Howard Coble, Robin Hayes and Mel Watt, who represent the area.

"I urge you to immediately contact VA Secretary James Peake and urge him to reverse the decision to contract out acute care services at the W.G. "Bill" Hefner VAMC in Salisbury," the letters concluded.

Cox said while the VA has denied that jobs will be cut, it was important to look for "code words" in a Health-Care Center Facility Leasing Program document released by the VA.

He said jobs will be lost throughout the VA, both in Salisbury and at other VA centers across the country. Attrition will take care of some, Cox said, with employees not replaced when they quit.

Other jobs will be out-sourced to private companies where workers can be hired at pay rates far lower than what union members make.

"Is all this going to happen overnight?" Cox asked. "No, but it will happen."

No, Waters countered, it won't.

She said some workers may change jobs through the planned changes, but denied that cuts are forthcoming. Waters said between $60 million and $100 million in improvements are planned for the local VA.

"Our center is going to grow in staff and service," Waters said. "We have an incredible potential to be a model for the country."

She admitted that not all involved with the forthcoming changes is known, and VA administrators are still learning.

She said that in 1996, the number of patients treated through the VA was 24,896. This year, that number is expected to exceed 65,000.

"That's incredible growth," Waters said. "We've got so many great changes. It's a shame that these people don't look at the glass as half-full. The potential is over-running."

Essie Hogue, president of the local chapter of the AFGE, said about 1,600 workers are employed at the local VA and its outpatient clinics in Charlotte and Winston-Salem.

"We are in the fight of our lives," Hogue warned her fellow union members.

Alma Lee, president of the National VA Council, said much the same. She referred to the planned changes as "the latest attempt to dismantle the VA as you know it.

"This is part of the national plan by the VA to radically alter how veterans receive care by the VA," Lee said.

She said "smoke and mirrors are being used to dismantle your VA."

Michelle_Hare said...

David Plouffe,
This is Michelle Hare and I was wondering if you knew where "change" actually came from. It came from me in 2005 in a song I put on my space called changes by tupac. If you need to contact me my number is 310-373-2522. I want to hear from you or Barack Obama my email address is I don't want to hear about any copy cats. My style can't be recycled or duplicated. Thank you for your time at least.
Michelle Hare.
21 years old
Torrance, Ca.
4411 PCH #G-205
Please mail me a letter or check.

CDM said...

With work Mr. OBAMA

Lettre ouverte à Monsieur OBAMA,

Mr OBAMA vous avez deux choix possibles, le premier choix consiste à continuer sur la même route que vos prédécesseurs et alors vous serez le président de la très grande désillusion, le deuxième choix historique consiste à reformer ensemble le monde et alors vous serez un bienfaiteur.

Monsieur OBAMA, compte tenu de toutes les espérances et de toutes les énergies que vous avez fusionnées autour de vous, il est de votre responsabilité pour continuer la mobilisation de faire une déclaration publique où vous vous engagez sur programme politique ambitieux.
En transformant notre modèle économique actuel, vous devez remettre à plat toute la politique américaine et mondiale pour la centrer sur la seule vrai richesse : l’Homme.

La crise actuelle prouve au moins trois choses, la première chose c’est que nous sommes dirigés soi par des irresponsables corrompus ou bien par des naïfs qui pensent que le système financier peut créer de la croissance durable alors qu’il a seulement vocation à faire des profits à court terme (c’est par le travail que l’on enfante et non par la spéculation, il faut savoir que le prix de beaucoup de produits seraient divisés par deux si nous supprimions tous les intermédiaires inutiles) ;
La deuxième chose c’est que nos politiques sont capables mondialement de mobiliser des milliards de dollars, et dans le même temps nous dire qu’ils n’ont pas d’argent pour régler les vrais problèmes. (2500 milliards de dollars ont été rajoutés à la dette publique mondiale en un mois seulement, alors que 30 milliards de dollars suffiraient à stopper la famine dans le monde) ;
La troisième chose c’est que le citoyen a compris que sans son argent et sa confiance le système libéral s’effondre, (le citoyen est le seul moteur possible du changement).

Il est temps d’agir et de se mobiliser pour s’engager en politique. Ne laissons plus une minorité faire n’importe quoi avec l’avenir de nos enfants. Utilisons l’outil formidable que peut être Internet pour débattre des problèmes importants et pour voter des lois utiles rapidement.

Rappelons-nous toujours que c’est grâce aux fruits de notre travail et à notre bienveillance que le système fonctionne.

Les pertes des marchés financiers ont encore créés de profondes injustices simplement parce que les gouvernements ont été faibles et complaisants.
Aujourd’hui des organismes comme le FMI entretiennent avec l’argent du contribuable, la misère et la famine dans les pays en développement, et ensuite d’autres institutions comme l’ONU envoient sur place des militaires pour compter les morts.
Les élus sous la pression des citoyens doivent prendre leurs responsabilités pour encadrer les marchés et les institutions internationales (interdiction des paradis fiscaux, réglementation et taxation des profits boursiers, nationalisation des organismes de notation boursier, contrôle de l’utilisation de l’argent publique).
Les dictatures sous la pression financière des états démocratiques seront alors renversées par les peuples souverains. (Les droits de l’homme doivent toujours prévaloir sur la notion d’état souverain. Il est intolérable aujourd’hui qu’un dictateur sous prétexte qu’il est dans un état souverain perpétue des génocides en toute impunité sans intervention de la communauté internationale).

L’état démocratique doit récupérer sa place centrale et doit encadrer par des lois strictes les activités marchandes pour interdire toutes interventions des marchés dans les domaines de l’éducation, de la santé et de la justice.
L’histoire en marche montre que sans un citoyen actif, il n’y a pas d’état fort et que sans un état fort, il n’y a pas de démocratie possible.

Le citoyen veut participer à la mise en place rapide d’un système où l’on prône l’égalité des droits et des devoirs, car le sens d’une grande réforme ne peut être compris et soutenu par la population que si cette réforme est profondément juste.

Nous appelons tous de nos voeux un projet politique mondial, constitué autour d’hommes et de femmes aux sensibilités multiples, mais d’abord reconnus pour leurs compétences, leurs intégrités et leurs expériences dans les domaines dont ils auront la charge.
Un projet politique où la langue de bois n’est pas de mise et où les intérêts du plus grand nombre passent avant ceux des castes constituées ; un projet où la vérité sur la situation sociale, environnementale et économique mondiale est enfin décrite avec objectivité ; un projet qui par le travail de tous apportera confiance et optimisme à chacun.

Les grands enjeux sont connus de tous : l’éradication de la misère (1% des américains les plus riches détiennent 22% de la fortune du pays), le contrôle de la démographie, l’anticipation des changements climatiques et leurs répercutions sur le vivant, la maîtrise de l’énergie et son utilisation, l’éducation et le partage des ressources, le développement durable et la santé…..
Chacun est responsable à son niveau de la situation actuelle et il dépend de chacun que les choses changent rapidement. Pour cela nous devons faire abstraction de nos différences et mettre en commun nos énergies, alors seulement nous éviterons l’anéantissement du genre humain.

Nous voulons un gouvernement exemplaire garant des directions et des engagements pris, qui par son sens de la justice mobilise la société pour la transformer en une société citoyenne et participative.
Un grand homme d’état est celui dont le désir ne s’arrête pas à ses savoirs et à ses pouvoirs. Vous allez faire un job qui consiste par l’exemple et par l’action à remobiliser toutes les énergies bienveillantes derrière vous. Un job ou vous allez être un moteur dans les processus nécessaires à un monde qui doit changer très vite.

Un homme ordinaire dans une humanité aux ressources extraordinaires.

TNTSLIM said...

This in itself is not too much of a comment but more of a "suggestion"

which,if you agree with,may help me get this "suggestion" to Our

President Elect,Barrack Obama.

These were the headlines when President Bush was inaugurated in 2005.


It is my humble suggestion to the President Elect that during his

Inauguration that he set a different pace and tone in Washington,The

Country and the World by inviting as many of the Families of our Fallen

Soldiers and Soldiers serving in the Battlefields of the Three Front War

which we are fighting as he can ( and let the party officials and

supporters take a back seat to them and assist in bringing them to the

Inauguration) and on 01/20/2009 the same food which is being served

to Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that day be served at the Inauguration

Dinner and the President and His family should partake of the very

same food in the very same utensils which the Soldiers are eating on

that day.

Our President should remember the words of an ancient soldier (Uriah,

who was betrayed by his Commander In Chief), and I quote Uriah's

words to his Commander in Chief,David," And Uriah said unto David, The ark, and Israel, and Judah, abide in tents; and my lord Joab, and the servants of my lord, are encamped in the open fields; shall I then go into mine house, to eat and to drink, and to lie with my wife? as thou livest, and as thy soul liveth, I will not do this thing." Second Samuel Verse (11)


Mr.President,as the Children and the families of the fallen soldiers and

the Soldiers are fed at your Inauguration we know there shall be no

Alcohol with Children around and no drunks but please,let your

Inauguration be lacking in the show of Wealth in a nation beset by great

economic problems and so many of us without Jobs but has chosen to

place our confidence in God that you shall be the President that you

want to be a President for Main Street and Wall Street ....a President for

all America ...a President who feels our pain and shares our dreams

and who remembers the fallen Soldiers and their families and His

Troopers in the Field of Battle facing a ruthless and determined enemy

so that we could sleep peacefully at night.

God bless our President Elect the incoming Congress and God Bless


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