Friday, March 09, 2007

que es queso

que es queso
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Listen: Cheese isn't Queso, and Queso isn't Cheese.

Cheese comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and consistencies. Queso is consistently and persistently viscous. And always vibrantly, whorishly, orange.

Cheese can go wherever Queso might go, but the same isn't true in reverse. You wouldn't want to invite Queso to a wine tasting. Or to top a mesclun salad where Montrachet would feel more at home.

Also, and most importantly when you travel down to Austin: Cheese comes *with* the Freebird burrito -- but Queso'll cost you 75 cents extra.

Posting by Sidekick from Austin, TX


Lasse said...

I hate that! Give us the all inclusive price!!!! What will the charge you extra for next time??

suttonhoo said...

sour cream and guac, actually. ;)

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