Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The good folks at Flickr continue to win my admiration.

Today (maybe before today? but I only noticed it today.) they released variable home page templates -- easy enough to do with CSS support, but certain, I'm sure, to please the masses that are the collective creative force that makes Flickr, Flickr.

Also new: Collections in which you can organize sets. Yum.

In a case of odd timing, I was just reading Adaptive Path's interview with Flickr Founder Catarina Fake in which she notes that rapid development cycles in which little bite sized morsels are released -- and sometimes rolled back -- are one of the secrets of Flickr's success »

Disclaimer: No, I do not work for Flickr or receive compensation for mercilessly shilling their product. I'm just a Flickr whore with a prurient interest in user interfaces.

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