Wednesday, March 14, 2007

girls got the goods

bonsai blossom

True to form, the popular girls remain the crafty ones.

There's the lovely Anne Bryant, who won my heart forever when I described, with a four-letter word for excrement, a big emotional entanglement I had managed to get myself into, and she said: "but shit makes things grow." And so it has. Anne crafts solutions (including jewelry, scarves, and notecards) as lovely as her own self over at Etsy:
anne bryant creative | crafting thoughtful solutions

There's the perspicacious April (aka rottnapples) who, I think it's only fair to make public, I turned on to Flickr once upon a time (and let me tell you it took some doing because I was her boss at the time and everyone knows bosses are to be humored but never listened to). She's always been turning out gorgeous imagery: now she's putting it on note cards for all the world to share. So send someone you love a cupcake. Or a robot. Or a superhero.
Creative Apples

The enigmatic Aija (aka zero), who was kind enough to send some crafty girl traffic my way not too long ago, and who makes wonderful little dangly things ("Jewelry for your Knitting") that I'm sure I don't understand how to use -- but if you knit, you do.

The outrageously maternal Anniemcq whose wisdom never fails me, has several shops up at CaféPress -- here are a few:
Motherhood Changes You | Nostalgic for Outrage
I miss the United States

And patiently awaiting the return of heatherlorin, once she's wrapped up the small task of transforming her whole life into something entirely new.


anniemcq said...

Oh my. I'm slightly embarrassed to be in such amazing company with my little cafepress shop. But thanks so much for the shout out. And you have some really gifted friends. Must be kind of gifted yourself, I guess! Not only gifted, but incredibly generous as well. We're lucky to know you.

aija said...

holy moley... i love creativeapples' etsy shop-- have a dwindling stack of cards here on my desk. weird degrees of separation going on here :)

anne said...

Hey, I forgot I said that! :) Thanks for the shout out. I love the cupcake cards...mmmm.

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