Monday, March 19, 2007

three new things that I learned about eadweard muybridge today

Good evening, Major, my name is Muybridge and here is the answer to the letter you sent my wife.

What Eadweard Muybridge said to Major Harry Larkyns, who was sleeping with his wife, just before he shot and killed him. (Muybridge was acquitted on the grounds of "justifiable homicide". No word on how the wife took the news.)

Also learned that Muybridge did the same tricky thing with a buffalo as he did with that racehorse.

I've always liked the racehorse clip -- but for some reason the buffalo clip makes me go all melty inside.

Thanks, Wikipedia.

p.s. Wait -- one more: Phillip Glass wrote an opera based on the incident (the shooting, not the buffalo). And no, it's not available at Amazon. So that makes four. Four things.


anniemcq said...

Who knew you had a soft spot for buffalo? I learn more about you every day!

I wonder if he was teased as a kid for the way he spelled his name? "Hey, EadWEARD!" But, he'd probably have shot them, huh?

suttonhoo said...

you're killing me anniemcq. too funny.

& re buffalo: yep. since I was a kid. although I had to ban the love while I was in college because they were our university mascot and it just felt so... cheap. but it all came back in a rush when I went to yellowstone (same trip as this one) and turned the corner to find a whole herd bedding down for the night.

they're amazing.

Lolabola said...

Oooh love that gif, great tidbit of history, love love love philip glass (I saw him speak adorably bumblingly at my friend's commencement, that one time I've been to Chicago),and love buffalo.

I live very close to this national park where you can camp and walk and hopefully not run into one by accident. You can also, if you're lucky like me, watch with awe as a beaver gnaws down a tree and waddles away with it. and all this after you've laughed and laughed at the beaver as your national symbol. For shame!

What a great post. and anniemcq that is a hilarious comment!

suttonhoo said...

but they're busy, that's for sure, those little beavers! ;)

great comment, lola -- thanks.

friend of the buffalo, you are always welcome here. :)

and yeah -- love Phillip Glass -- I've only seen one of his full blown operas once -- but a girlfriend of mine belonged to a modern choral group that did some of his instrumental stuff *vocally* -- using only the word "one" to vocalize the whole piece. it was very cool.

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