Friday, March 30, 2007

bring the nickel

a found poem

I can't say

I ever put my arms around you
I felt that I was home

Found in Racy Letters from Hemingway to Dietrich to Be Unsealed in this morning's New York Times.

Ernest Hemingway's letters to Marlene Deitrich have just been released -- they reveal a passionate, unconsummated affection between the two. Hemingway is on record as saying, in A.E. Hotchner's biography of the writer: "The thing about the Kraut and me is that we've been in love since 1934, since we first met on the Île de France, but we've never been to bed. Amazing but true. Victims of unsychronized passion."

Another sweet excerpt from Hemingway's letters:

What do you really want to do for a life work? Break everybody's heart for a dime? You could always break mine for a nickel, and I'd bring the nickel.

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