Saturday, March 31, 2007


A few years back I bought a wonderful free-form steel trellis from my girlfriend enyasi's garden shop in West Seattle. I had it shipped home to Chicago, and hesitated for only a moment about whether or not I should rust-proof it, before deciding to install it as is and let the weather have its way with it.

It's now a wonderful rust-covered free-form trellis, and this is the last of last year's clematis which clung to it through the harsh winds and cold and snow of the Chicago winter and is just starting to bud.

Yay, Spring.


narthex said...

your mention of clematis reminded me of Louise Glück so i had to paste this here:


You take my hand; then we’re alone

in the life-threatening forest. Almost immediately

we’re in a house; Noah’s

grown and moved away; the clematis after ten years

suddenly flowers white.

More than anything in the world

I love these evenings when we’re together,

the quiet evenings in summer, the sky still light at this hour.

So Penelope took the hand of Odysseus,

not to hold him back but to impress

this peace on his memory:

from this point on, the silence through which you move

is my voice pursuing you.

Happy Spring...

suttonhoo said...

so lovely.

thanks, friend.

anniemcq said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

jenw said...

Great shot!

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