Saturday, March 24, 2007

found her

Wall Women: Here's to you
Originally uploaded by ReyGuy.
At last, she materializes.

See where have you gone, big woman? »


anne said...

Your 'amazon' story reminds me of the time in college when I was about to move to Portland for a 3 month internship and live with another student (Dave) I hadn't met before. I happened to meet Dave's friend (Charlie) at a party and we figured out the connection between us. Dave told me that later Charlie informed him that I was "the biggest woman he'd ever seen' and being that Charlie is British, the accent made it even sound funnier. Needless to say he was a little nervous to meet me. Dave later explained to Charlie the difference between 'BIG' and 'TALL. :)

suttonhoo said...

LOL -- *great* story -- I wish I could have seen the look of relief on Dave's face when you guys met at last.

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