Friday, March 30, 2007


Dairy Queen just unveiled a new logo. Following the pattern of UPS, Burger King, and other high-profile "rebranding initiatives," it's basically the old logo with a swoosh attached. DQ took it a step further, though, stating that the "gold and blue curved swishes [signify] food and treats."

No, it signifies an expensive hour of graphic design.

From Mark Hurst's Good Experience Newsletter. (Also posted online here »)


anniemcq said...

you crack me up.

suttonhoo said...

wish I could take the credit -- Mr. Hurst gets this one. ;)

MGL said...

Holy motherloving mother of God and all that is right and holy in the world, that is the ugliest logo I have ever seen.

An hour? It took two minutes of the time of one of the guys who doesn't know Photoshop.

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