Wednesday, March 28, 2007

shadow on the wall

brick for barrett
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a found poem

He would photograph a flower
Make a large painting of the photograph
Photograph the painting

Destroy the painting

Once something was over, it was over
He felt no need to revisit it

It never really belonged to anybody

[He] long ago grew tired
Of leaving his shadow in the world
And had to let it go

Found in The Madness and Majesty of Pink Floyd in the 5 April 2007 issue of Rolling Stone, referring to Syd Barrett.

Also found, and no new news for folks who know these guys inside and out: the band’s name came from a mashup of “the first names of two obscure blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council (and from the names of [Syd’s] cats)”.

(Tip for Hugh Laurie fans: He’s looking like a doll on page 66, same issue.)


MGL said...

I love Hugh Laurie, but I prefer his earlier, funnier work.

suttonhoo said...

love. that. clip.

but you gotta admit: that funny isn't so far away from his House funny.

good and dark.

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