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So on Monday, after waking at 4 AM to catch an early morning flight, I was called into a side conference room at the office to take some publicity stills for an article that’s going to run in a trade magazine in the next couple of months.

And today I saw the proofs.

Sweet lord they were awful.

Gratefully, two of my colleagues had shots taken too, and felt the same way about them, so I felt like a little bit less of a petulant princess when I asked our PR director if she wouldn't mind if I took a try at a few alternate shots.

This one’s a throw away, because of the framing and because I hadn't yet put up the dropcloth (read: bedsheet), but I think it's my favorite. Mostly because I'm not too deep into looking all corporate-y and consultant-like just yet.

You may have noticed: I don't take a lot of pictures of myself. This is, outside a few baby pictures that I've posted and my Flickr icon, the first self-portrait I've ever posted.

And I learned that when you shoot yourself there are a few things you can't ignore anymore: I'm older than I used to be. I'm heavier than I used to be. And I'm just as funny looking as I ever was.

But that part about being older? Means I don't mind at all. (Well, not so much.)


anniemcq said...

You're gorgeous. Get over yourself. But you look far too stern in this one. I know it's corporate, but it's not how you look. As someone who used to get LOTS of headshots taken, it's important that it look like you when you walk in the door. You are a smiler, whether you want to be one or not. (so am I, as much as I like pics of myself when I'm looking pensive or thoughtful, I don't look like that when I meet someone).

But I must say, the years are GOOD to you, friend. And you have a sassy haircut to boot. If I looked like you, and had a fancy, shmancy haircut, I'd be takin' pics of myself all the time!

anniemcq said...

I meant to say "fancy shmancy CAMERA", not haircut, but I think my brain got stuck on your haircut, as obsessed as I am with hair, since I cannot figure out what to do with my own mop. So yeah...

You. gorgeous. AND you're a great photographer.

suttonhoo said...

yes ma'am, anniemcq. the one I've asked them to run is more of a smiler, so we're good on that front. ;)

and thanks for your sweetness.

btw: a recent embarrassing incident reminded me of the poor girl you told me about once upon a time who tucked her short skirt into her pantyhose and went into her audition that way. email to follow soon. :D

litwit said...

What, are you insane? Honey, you'll always be gorgeous. Age only adds to it.

Lolabola said...

Yeah you are gorgeous and obviously a smiler. Which means even in a pensive state, you look like you have a sunny disposition. A hint of a smile there is always a good thing. (I don't have that gift and am sooo jealous of you smilers :) )

After you posted the video of you with your grandma, I realized you must be a sunny person in some way and my reading of all of your posts has been tainted with that knowledge.

Oh and my sister once got her skirt hitched up in her knapsack as she walked about 10 blocks to work (over an overpass) and was honked and hollered at the entire way. She didn't figure it out until an angry father-type figure pulled over and gave her a lecture about flashing people in a "family" neighbourhood.

Anali said...

Face it girl! No pun intended! You've got great genes. We've seen pictures of your grandparents. You will always look good! : )

suttonhoo said...

bloggin' girlfriends are the best. you guys rock. ;)

Mikkel said...

I can't think of anything clever to say, other than "you look really good" and "niiiice".

enyasi said...

In a word, Fierce! What a totally great photo! You look intelligent and gorgeous… This is a picture of a woman contemplating anyone of the following:

• Should I wear the white dress or the red to my Nobel Prize acceptance reception?
• Do I want my first pictorial exhibit at the Field or the Smithsonian?
• Shall I have my Amazon warriors spare the Outlanders or sacrifice them all to me, their Queen?

As for getting older… you’ve got to celebrate girl!!!! Remember some people aren’t lucky enough to get older… Think of how little kids proudly claim their age [“I am 6 and ¾”] and enjoy your age in the same spirit. Besides darling, I am quite sure even at 99 you will still light up a room.

suttonhoo said...

I'm thinking:
* Red
* I'll trade for a spread in Nat'l Geographic
* And seeing how it's an all-Mayan weekend: definitely sacrafice them. All.


Larry Miller said...

"all-Mayan weekend" What a wonderful phrase. And you look greazifukrtw

heather lorin said...

So, I totally love the hair. You look fabulous and seriously sassy. But yeah, I don't think I've ever seen you looking so stern ;)

suttonhoo said...

lol larry -- you're gonna have to define that one for me -- google is no use.

and heatherlorin -- I don't know if you've ever seen me working. or pissed. down with a 103 degree fever, yes, but that was something different altogether. ;)

thanks again, you guys.

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