Sunday, March 25, 2007

the motor city's hub(cap)

the motor city's hub(cap)
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For what it's worth, you can pick up take out at the little sushi joint called Sora, somewhere around the 20-something gates at Detroit International's Northwest Terminal, in less time than it will take you to grab something at the McDonald's, Chili's or Starbucks just a few feet away.

Sora is always good and fresh (although their rolls demonstrate a lack of discipline and are a little looser than I like them) and while counter service is also quick, grabbing it to go to eat later while you wait (because there's always await -- this is an airport) gives you a few spare minutes to pick up a little vintage Stevie Wonder at the Motown shop (because there's always Motown -- this is Detroit) -- or to just stop and marvel at Michael's original nose. (Where have you gone, Jackson 5? We miss you.)

And if you're needing a quick shot of coffee after the first leg of your flight out of O'Hare, and your gate number's greater than 50, bypass the Starbucks in the center of the terminal and hold out for Carribou Coffee around gate 63. The service is just as glacial (is this a Detroit thing?) but the line is bound to be shorter, so you'll still make your flight in time.

All of this only applies, of course, if you're passing through the Northwest Terminal.

God help you if you're flying United -- because I certainly can't (see: "dumpy terminal", earlier in this stream).


narthex said...

you are funny Dayna, i'll have to keep in mind about the little sushi place at the airport in motor city. but again, i really hope that i never will have to use the airport there at motor city. ;p

Lolabola said...

your sushi bit reminds me of the "rainbow roll" (my favourite) that I had a the neighbourhood sushi joint of Friday night. "Train wreck" would have been a better description. Yummy nevertheless

suttonhoo said...

you nailed it, narthex -- you really don't. ;)

lola -- all over it -- at the end I had to eat the last few slices of mine as their individual components -- little grain of rice... little bit of roe... single piece of salmon...

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