Thursday, March 29, 2007

lady vervaine's reflections

Reflections 2
Originally uploaded by Lady Vervaine.
Lady Vervaine is a particularly cinematic photographer -- she captures that fleeting feeling of time passing that is pervasive in motion pictures, but is difficult to capture in still frames. She pulls it off brilliantly, time and time again.

She writes for Vertigo, an independent film magazine, and introduced me (and many others) to the concept of shooting location stills of classic movies -- I still have it in my mind to hit all the scenes where Vertigo was shot the next time I'm in San Francisco (my sister was actually married, the first time, in that creepy church in the closing scenes -- although there is no bell tower, if I remember correctly). And I'm afraid to get started on Chicago locations, for fear that I'll wind up quitting my job to have time to shoot them all.

This morning I pulled up her stream and found a wonderful, reflective series (and you know how much I dig reflections) -- of people's portraits -- shot as their reflections in the bus windows of London.

Lovely stuff. Here's the tagged slide show »

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