Friday, May 02, 2008

flickr progeny

Arrived home this evening to a package from Encino (who do I know in Encino...) which I opened to find contained the somewhat jingoistically titled Aurora: A City Second to None, featuring a shot that I took of the Sherer Building on page ix.


It’s the kind of book that city boosters give out to promote the marvelousness of their metropolis. It would be interesting to know how much of the photography in this photographically rich book was supplied by the good people of Flickr.

Notably absent is mention of the fact that Aurora, Illinois is home to Wayne’s World, a dubious honor that elefanterosado was kind enough to remind me of not too long ago.

Another Aurora resident who is missed on these pages is Baby Goff, who showed up on this good earth only yesterday. BG is also a product of Flickr -- it took the photosharing site to bring his folks together, even though (if I’m remembering this right) they both have deep family roots in the same small town in Texas.

Welcome little one -- and big hugs and congratulations to p2wy and *April*.

Happy 'Day.

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Kari said...

lovely! congratulations.

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