Tuesday, May 20, 2008

third star from the right

third star from the right
third star from the right
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As someone who's really into dirt & decay, I've discovered that Disney's really not for me.

But figured I needed to experience it for myself to be really really sure. So I snuck away for a *very* expensive lunch.

And now I'm sure.

(Imagine it would be entirely different if I were here with kids.)

Now: Back to work.

Posting by cameraphone from Epcot Center.


em said...

why wouldn't kids be into dirt & decay?


anniemcq said...

Yep. It's really different with kids. I can't imagine going there by myself for lunch. You're a brave lass.

suttonhoo said...

but I got to walk around the world in just an hour! so worth it. ;)

conversation I had with the skipper of the water taxi (that they call something else much more disney-like but I can't remember):

Me: "Can I walk to Morrocco from here?" (instead of taking her boat, I meant.)

The Skipper: "You can -- but it's looooooooooong way. You have to go through Canada and England and over the bridge to France..."

Me: "How long does it take?"

The Skipper: "About 15 minutes."

And that, my friends, is our America. ;)

Kari said...

back in '88 or so, i sort of blacked out in one of their 3D theaters, but up till then i LOVED it -- it was my first taste of sophisticated international travel :)

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