Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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Had a meeting in the Loop just about next door to Fox & Obel, Chicago's salivatorium of all things good to eat, so I stopped by because they carry 1) Quisp (remember Quisp?) and 2) my favorite black rice which I have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Not to mention that 3) I was in the mood for a Malbec.

So I picked up two.

Posting by cameraphone from Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Malbec as in the wine? I just bought a bottle today...deb
(what's my password, do you know?)

suttonhoo said...

yep -- the wine -- tasty, huh?

and no I don't know your password, you dork. if you would *start blogging* it would be harder to forget it now, wouldn't it? ;)

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