Friday, May 02, 2008

the digging-est wolverine

Photo: Katie Moriarty

Oh my goodness! That is so exciting. So when are the grizzlies coming back? And the wolves?

Truckee High School Chemistry and Physics Teacher Susan Lowder, commenting on the return of the Wolverines to the Sierra Nevada Range as reported by the Sacramento Bee back in March.

Sue's also my aunt, and one of my favorite ones at that, so that + gushing about rarely sighted species + longing nostalgically for others that have gone before gets her a plug here at detritus.

Kin for sure.


Aunt Suzi said...

Since that first picture of the wolverine, the scientists at Sage Hen field station have analyzed scat and hair samples. As our local paper the Sierra Sun exclaimed, "It's a Boy! And he is not from around here." Seems like the guy hails from Idaho. :-)

suttonhoo said...

whoa -- that's a long way to roam.

we recently had a cougar from Wisconsin wander through Chicago. of course, Chicago being Chicago, we shot him. :(

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