Friday, May 23, 2008

three trees

Art Institute
Chicago, IL



I, Rodius said...

Did you know you were on the History Channel yesterday? I was watching "Barbarians II," and the words "Sutton Hoo" (as the burial site of a Saxon king, probably Raedwald), and "detritus" (I wish I'd written the sentence down; it was sort of poetic. Something about archaeologists sifting through the detritus of the something something, and something something something.) I'd previously wondered what suttonhoo meant. Do you have a particular affinity for 7th century Saxon kings?

suttonhoo said...

yeah -- the history channel called me for clearance and I said yeah, sure, go ahead.


re 7th c. saxon kings: suttonhoo was one of the sites that fired my imagination when I was a kid. oddly, I've never been (guess I better do that...). I started using suttonhoo years ago as a user name without a whole lot of thought -- easy to remember, liked how it sounded -- and then when flickr happened, and blogger, I just kept on using it.

oh, right: and there's that Indy impulse. but doesn't every little girl dream of growing up to be an archaeologist? or a national geographic photographer? :)

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