Wednesday, May 14, 2008

proving a hypothesis

More evidence that broccoli is, in fact, the “most obscene” of all the vegetables, a firmly held conviction that Rahul shared with me -- with great passion, some volume and at length -- over our remarkable dinner at Convivum Osteria in Brooklyn last week.

I explained that broccoli as we know it is an unnatural hybrid conceived of rabe and cauliflower, engineered by the same Italian family who would later give birth to the original producer of the James Bond franchise, Albert R. Broccoli (may he rest in peace).

To which Rahul replied: “This is why you can’t do simple math.”

(An observation which, to my horror, was later proved true when I tried to add the tip to the tab.)

Broccoli poodle by Saxton Freymann, and featured in today’s New York Times Playing With Food feature.


Rahul said...

Ha...this is perfect. My hate for broccoli is second only to my hate for poodles!

Anonymous said...

It's not unnatural baby...
it's synthesis.


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