Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a kiss is just a kiss

It’s quite important to have a direct imagery of a love scene, a passionate scene, an emotional scene between two same sex persons because that is the main problem. You can get whatever rights, you can get acceptance on an abstract level but -- they don’t want to look at us.

Artist Michael Elmgreen (I'm pretty sure it’s Elmgreen -- based on this -- but it could also be his partner and co-creator Ingar Dragset) commenting in an AP video clip on why the artists made the decision to include a video loop of two men kissing within the Holocaust Memorial that Elmgreen and Dragset designed. The memorial was unveiled yesterday in Berlin to honor the 54,000+ gays who were arrested and 7,000+ who were killed while the Nazis held power in Germany.

The Box Turtle Bulletin reports: “While the end of the war meant liberation for the much larger interned populations of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, and other undesirables, allied forces often returned gay men to post-war prisons to continue to serve out their terms. Homosexuality wasn’t formally decriminalized in Germany until 1994.”

Photos: Major Monument to Gay Holocaust Victims Unveiled Today in Berlin at

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