Thursday, May 29, 2008

back when I was blonde

back when I was blonde

Me once. And my sister, the theologian.

Central Park, NYC (or so I'm told)
long long time ago

My mom sent this over recently, for no real reason, and I wasn't going to post it at first because the facial expressions are so ambivalent -- not the sunny kid faces that you usually expect in these kinds of shots. My sister looks pretty pissed. I look like I'm about to go off on some random tangent that makes no sense to anyone but me.

And then I decided that that was what I liked about it.

Kinda disturbing.


anne bryant said...

Nice saddle shoes. I used to get a new pair with every school year... those were the days!

Rahul said...

I know exactly where this was shot and we will have to go there next time you're in town. Just took my parents there this past weekend, actually. There is this amazing street performer that plays close to there on weekends that you HAVE to see.

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