Friday, May 09, 2008


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Cabdrivers in Manhattan must welcome the Spring rain with the same joy that farmers feel when it falls on their crops. Rain means nobody's walking; rain means everyone flags a checker cab from the curb to stay out of the mess, to try to stay dry; rain is how the money is made.

And rain means I'm having one heck of a time getting out of here.

Posting from the limo (not a single cab available) that I flagged down on 5th Avenue after my car service called to say they'd be another half hour late, on top of the one hour late they had already promised me.

It took awhile. I'm soaked.

Had hopes of catching an earlier flight home to arrive in time for at least *half* of the Devotchka show in Chicago tonight -- the show that I bought tickets for about, oh, three ago months now.

Looks like I'll be listening to stories about how great it was instead.

Posting by cameraphone enroute to Laguardia.
Pouting a little.


Kari said...

Ugh! And what I don't get is why 9 out of 10 cabs have their "off duty" signs lit. But it's all infuriating. Best wishes -- hope you make it home soon.

Lolabola* said...

Ugh indeed! but great photo

mrtn said...

I feel your pain, but I have to gush: You flagged down a limo? That's awesome. You can do that?

suttonhoo said...

dude. yeah. new york. had no idea until I did it. ;)

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