Wednesday, May 14, 2008

step outside your world

do over
The real traveler travels off the clock. Schedules shift from the routine and expected to the new and surprising. The heart opens. Differences dissolve. Friendship and discovery are the most prized commodities on the traveler's road, and cost only the time it takes to listen, to explore, to step from one known, well worn trail to a fresh cut path through new terrain.

A block of copy that I wrote for a client in, oh, maybe 1998? 1997? So at least ten years ago now.

A little schmaltzy maybe but I like it. It's one of my favorites among the commercial copywriting that I did once upon a time. They're still using it today.

It was for an adventure travel company and continues:

Take the time to travel with us on your next adventure. We'll introduce you to friends and fresh trails where the old rules of hospitality still apply. Where residents still receive visitors with open hearts and stories to share, and the earth gives generously to the gracious guest.

Step outside your world.


i could sleep through a world war said...

definitely stellar copy. this feedback is ten years too late but... still.

bobcat rock said...

see, that's just not fair. i want to go on that trip now! it's a funny feeling re-discovering old material, isn't it? Sometimes it makes you laugh, sometimes it makes you blush.

Thank you for sharing your archives! lovely.

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