Tuesday, May 20, 2008

don't tread on me

[The Danes] appear to underestimate the importance of floor-coverings.

An Ikea spokesperson responding in the Times Online on the research findings of a Copenhagen academic who uncovered that:

Sweden's all-conquering furniture firm quite shamelessly names its fanciest futons, tables and chairs after Swedish, Finnish or Norwegian places, while reserving Danish place names for doormats, draught-excluders and cheap carpets.

Double-posting a comment response, given the sizable social significance of this finding.

Many thanks to @dianeburnett for passing it along.


Lolabola* said...

in a bizarre coincidence, I just visited my nephew and he has that very rug on his floor. I was a little jealous. I think the floor coverings might just be the most important feature in my place.

suttonhoo said...

that's freaky weird.

I swear we're connected by some super psychic subterranean passageway. ;)

Lolabola* said...

what a thought. it's given me a great visual somehow.

Mikkel said...

Those pesky Swedes. Do you know why they keep cabbage in the glove compartment? They use it for ID.

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