Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Video: Ella Fitzgerald sings Summertime

Confession: When I have a client meeting, or when I have to present to a big crowd of folks, and I get all jittery and nervous, I sing.

Alone. To myself. In my hotel room. As I'm getting ready: ironing, showering, primping.

It's easier than worrying about how things will go. It focuses me better than walking through the pitch or the presentation does. And it warms up my voice so that it doesn't crack (too badly) when I first say "hello."

Summertime is the song I sing. Sometimes Blue Skies, but mostly Summertime, even if it's the dead of winter.

Because it's, well, just listen to that lyric. (And no: of course I don't sing it anywhere near like Ella. But isn't that something?)


Kari said...

What a lovely little touch that is.

Lolabola* said...

hey i sing those two all the time too. especially blue skies. summertime makes me think of sarah vaughan

what a great way to get rid of the jitters

anne bryant said...

And I know you know, Summertime is one of my favorites. :)

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