Tuesday, May 27, 2008

on ice

Because there's nowhere I can go online and plug-in the movies I want to see that haven't yet been released. Nowhere that will tell me once they are and have that something (that doesn't exist. or does it. does it? tell me. please. where can I find it? no, not Netflix -- they only tell me when the DVD's been released.) tell me that movie I've been waiting for? It's opening this weekend at that wonderful little indie house where, when you order Junior Mints, they ask you: "Would you like those frozen?"

Because I don't know of anything like that, I'm dropping in the Cannes winners that I want to see here. Because I want to remember.

And yes, frozen. Please.


anniemcq said...

Did you know that the writer of Che was a former Seattlite? And did you know that he came to our going away party? At your house? Hmmmmmm....did you?

suttonhoo said...

NO WAY! you mentioned this before, didn't you, and I completely spaced it.

that's my problem: here I am rubbing elbows with greats and I'm so preoccupied with stupid stuff I'm missing all the good stuff. ;)

I'm gonna go google pictures and see if I can jiggle my memory...

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